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Fields Groups showing where they don't belong

  • We are having a strange issue where fields groups are ignoring location rules and showing on every edit screen. This is only happening for certain users, not for everyone, so it’s difficult to recreate at this point, but I’m not sure what to look at. The location rules are correct as they are working or some users, so I’m not sure if this is a bug, or.. ? Has anyone experienced this before?

    We have everything up-to-date right now:
    WP version 4.9.8
    Advanced Custom Fields PRO 5.7.7
    Advanced Custom Fields: Font Awesome 2.1.2

  • Just upgraded the new version and have the same issue.
    Was working on a post and they were not there. Saw the update, updated, went back to post and all these fields are showing. AAAAAHHH

    WP version 4.9.8
    Advanced Custom Fields PRO 5.7.7

  • It’s very sporadic for us, but it’s definitely causing some issues.

  • Same here

    WP version 4.9.8
    Advanced Custom Fields PRO 5.7.7

  • I have the same problem. And is a bit annoying when you have a lot of custom fields on the screen.

    WP 4.9.8
    ACF PRO 5.7.7

  • Same issue here 🙁

    It has became good habit to update the plugin on a staged site before attempting an update on the customer’s site. Too many issues recently with this plugin. Always wondering what it will break next.

  • Same with me. But only if I look at the backend with Firefox. The headers of the Metaboxes (acf-postbox), that are not intended for the page are visible.
    In Chrome everything is good.

  • Since it looks like this is a bug, is there any update on when it might be fixed?

  • I am not seeing any of these issues on any of the sites that I’ve updated.

    From the descriptions of what’s happening it appears that there is a JS issue. Especially where your seeing different things in different browsers. The most likely cause of this is that the JS files are being cached by the browser. The first thing that you should do is to clear your browser cache. If this does not clear up the problem you should try deactivating other plugins and see if there are any plugin conflicts.

  • It’s crazy. I emptied the cache today. Now everything is fine.

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