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Fields gone missing from the back-end editor pages

  • I am using the PRO version. I created a lot of custom fields and added data to them on many pages. Now suddenly most of the custom fields have stopped appearing on backend editor pages they were supposed to be. All the data is still loading fine on the frontend though. Not sure whats going on.

    I have tried reactivating the plugin and deactivating other plugins but still no help.

    Please help, today was supposed to be the last day of development. In major crisis right now.

    Running WordPress 4.1.1
    PHP 5.5

  • If your fields are conditionally displayed based on a Page Template, I’ve seen fields disappear. They come back if you change the page template and then change it back (no save/refresh required). That might not be your issue but seems worth checking. Now off to see if I can figure out a fix for it…

  • I have the same problem on several sites.

    For me, the location rules say:

    Show this field group if
    Post Category is equal to Events

    This works great when I’m making a new post and have to set the category as part of the workflow, however when I open an existing post to make an edit, the fields preview briefly and then hide. They re-appear after a second if I uncheck the category and re-check it.

    It just seems like the feature that adjusts the visibility of the fields is not checking the post data on load. I hope this can be fixed!

  • After spending some time. I figured it out. In the screen option, the checkbox gets unchecked on its own for some reason. Now every other time if the fields are missing I have to dropdown the screen options and check the box to make them re-appear.

    Look it managed to disappear again!

  • It seems it is a css/script error. If you modify input.css the custom fields will display in the backend as they should.

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