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Fields doesn't appears in back office

  • Hi,
    I have an issue with ACF, I don’t understand why.
    The fields I created doesn’t appears in the article page, it’s weird.
    I tried to disable all plugins and to change the template but it didn’t work.
    I tried to install ACF on another wordpress on my computer with the same ACF parameters I did in the other, and it works, so I don’t understand what I did bad.
    If someone can help me on this it would be cool.

  • There is not enough information here to tell. Try deactivating other plugins or switching themes to see if something else is causing the problem.

  • Yes, that’s what I did. But the problem is still here…
    What information do you need ? Do you want my access to the backoffice ?


    I can’t help you that way anyway. You need to figure out why it’s working on one site and not on the other. What is different?

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