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Fields do not appear within the taxonomy.

  • Great wordpress mages. I have a new question. I started to build taxonomy-slug.php. However, no field is appearing within the taxonomy page. I looked for help codes here in the forum, I could not make the magic work. Also, if I bind an existing field that is already bound to some custom types, it appears with no problem. Now the fields that register to appear within the taxonomy template does not work. Example I created a text field and it does not appear. Is there anything simplified for this?

  • What code are you using in taxonomy-slug.php to show the value of the field?

  • I used this code and now it seems to work.
    <?php the_field('date_nasc', $taxonomy . '_' . $term_id); ?>

    Hello I managed to resolve a few hours ago =). The only thing I can not solve now is to show the age. For example here in the forum I found some things. It just does not work. I also tried to use the terms nothing. I wanted to include for example: Personality was born in 1981. I can not calculate it 12/16/1981. And show the age of personality. Is there any code here in the forum that is possible to make it work within the taxonomy?

  • I was able to solve the problem of birthdays by calculating age through this tip.:

    And put to work in the taxonomy with adataption of the display:
    $rows = get_field('ocupacao', $taxonomy . '_' . $term_id);

    After I just needed to create a wysiwyg field it could be just text and put the shortcode and the magic happens =)! I hope to help others who have doubts =).
    [show-my-age birthday="02/13/1985"].

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