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fields display on update

  • l am currently using a pro version of ACF for a site that l am building. On update nothing happens. l have spent almost a week searching around the next and trying different stuff but this doesn’t seem to help. l have also submitted a ticket and not heard anything. was hoping someone could be of here.

  • Hi @katawura

    I need more information to understand what’s going on.

    You have created one or more field groups with ACF fields. You go to a post (for example), insert values in the ACF fields and when you click update (or publish) the ACF fields are not saved?

    If you have the latest version of ACF and WordPress I’m going to guess that you have an issue with another plugin or possibly your theme.

    Could you try disabling all other plugins first to see if that solves it?

  • Hi l have already tried this but don’t seem to work.

  • ACF works.. that much I’m sure of. So your issue is not with ACF itself but rather something messing with it.

    Have you also tried switching to another theme (preferably twentyfifteen)?

    Do you have the latest version of ACF and WP?

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  • Not 2015 however l have the latest version of WP and ACF. l agree it’s the first time l have ever had an issue like that with ACF. Can l provide you logins to have a close look for me please?

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