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Fields disappearing on update

  • running into a problem when updating a field group. This field group has 73 fields. It has worked fine for a few years and I recently went in to change the fields and now when I update the field group over half of the fields disappear. I turned on WP_Debug and I am given two errors

    Notice: Undefined index: type in /home/content/n/m/m/nmm0024/html/testing/wp-content/plugins/acf-repeater/repeater.php on line 311
    Notice: Undefined variable: field in /home/content/n/m/m/nmm0024/html/testing/wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields/core/fields/_functions.php on line 525

    The undefined variable error is shown about 20 times. I have tested this on a brand new install of wordpress and the most up to date version of ACF.

  • I am having a similar problem which is driving me to distraction. Updates simply do not work. My field definitions get thrown away and all replaced with text type fields (if at all). I am on the point of ditching your plugin because I can’t take the risk that my work just gets destroyed without warning. There are NO error messages. HELP HELP HELP!

  • Also, an export followed by an import simply created a set of text fields WITHOUT ANY ERROR MESSAGE

  • I actually fixed this problem myself by changing max_input_vars in php.ini

    This might not be your problem but php 5.3 has a limit of 1000 input vars. When you have a lot of fields with say the collapsible field or repeater field you will get up to over 1000 variables pretty easily. I just upped mine to 10,000 and everything is working correctly.

  • Thanks codydoodle. My ISP refused to change the max vars limit, but in the end that wasn’t the problem. There was a rogue bit of PHP in my functions.php that was messing with the post variables before they were being stored…

    That’s fixed and I’m more or less back to normal now πŸ˜‰

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