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Fields disappearing in field group

  • I’ve been having all my fields disappear in my field groups minus one. It says I have 8 fields in the group but only one shows up when I go to edit the fields.

    In the first pic you can see that I should have 8 fields in this group:

    This is the field group before saved and closed.

    Now when I go back in to check the field group for some editing…I see this:

    Now there is only one field showing for this field group.

    The only field that shows is the button field. That field is shown twice on an actual post edit meaning technically I should have 9 fields in the group.

    What is causing this? I’ve deleted all field groups, removed the code in my functions.php and nothing seems to be working. Everytime I create a new field group all the fields (minus that one) disappear.

  • Hi @joeyotto

    Hmm… this is pretty strange.

    What steps do I need to follow to reproduce this? If there is any code involved, please share it in a gist so that I can have a look at it.

  • Yes the same thing has happened to me, did you find out what caused the problem and were you able to retrieve the missing fields?

  • I had same issue, but with list of field group

  • Fixed my issue by rename custom post type

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