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Fields are not showing in W3.9.1 n ACF 4.3.8

  • Hello,

    Today I was installing this plugin,I think is fantastic, I checked this problem on previous versions of WordPress and as far as I knew it was solved, today I did a fresh install with W 3.9.1 and ACF 4.3.8, but is not showing anything on the frontend, I checked on the database and seems like it is working when saving the information, no success ont he backend, any idea of whats wrong?

  • I’m seeing this issue as well. Running WP 3.9.1 and ACF 4.3.8. Have tried reinstalling both WP core and ACF, but ACF fields still fail to appear.

    Update: My apologies—this issue was related to another plugin. ACF is working as expected.

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