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Fields added by php won't save after update to 5.7.7

  • Hi,
    I was using ACF pro v 5.6.1 with php registered fields, and after update to 5.7.7 i can’t update fields, read previously set fields. I don’t really know what to do. Fields show in post edit, but the value always stays in default value.

    I use register_field_group() function inside my action called on init : add_action(‘init’, ‘add_acf_fields’);

  • Try changing your action to ‘acf/include_fields`. Although, I don’t know if this is your problem, field groups registered with PHP should be working on the ‘init’ hook.

  • Yeah, unfortunately this doesn’t work 🙁 Any other ideas? I ran out of any…

  • Other than the standard schtick of “deactivate other plugins” to see if there’s something else interfering, I’ve got nothing.

    There was a change in JavaScript for 5.7, but I really don’t think that would cause it. You can try clearing your browser cache.

  • I am also experiencing an issue with ACF not saving fields in Gutenberg. Video demonstration:


  • Hi,
    same issue here:
    i got a group of ACF with one image and one color.
    This group applies to Pages, a Custom Post, and a Custom Taxonomy.
    Custom Post and Custom Taxonomy are created using CPT UI.

    The weird thing is that my ACF group is working fine on Pages and on Custom Posts,
    but with Custom Taxonomy, the fields appears but are empty (do not recall last saved values) and won’t save new values.

    Thanks for your help…

  • Similar here. The custom fields would appear when I started a new post, but once it was saved as draft or published, the fields disappeared. The content appeared on the published page, but no longer editable, because it just wouldn’t appear in the edit screen. This was also happening with all the old posts–the content was visible on the finished page, but not in the edit screen.

    This only started happening when I updated the ACF plugin last Wednesday to 5.7.7. I upgraded to PRO, and now everything is back to normal, so I’d say there’s definitely a bug in 5.7.7.

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