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Fieldgroups duplication

  • When adding a fieldgroup and re-saving it 5 times with some changes, it somehow gets duplicated and the the fieldgroup now appears 3 times in different versions below the article.

    The fieldgroup is listed only once in ACF settings.

    In theme folder “acf-json/de/” (main WPML language) appeared 5 “.json” files.

    If I disable WPML, that fieldgroup is still listed in ACF settings but no fieldgroup at all is shown below the article, while there should be one.

    Edit: The duplication problem disappears when I switch off “acf_json”.

    WP 3.8.3, ACF PRO 5.0.0, WPML 3.1.6

  • Hi @thomask

    Thanks for the bug report. I’ll do some more testing with WPML and let you know what I find.


  • The reason for duplication and a possible solution is posted in the other thread.

  • Hi @thomask

    I believe I have fixed the issue.
    Can you please delete any duplicate json files, and re-save your field groups via the WP admin.

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