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Field wrapper in admin

  • Hello

    Im new to ACF, so still trying to wrap my head around this plugin.

    In the administration I would like to make a weekplan in a table (grid) format where every cell has 3 options, 1 textbox and 2 selects.

    My issue is how to style/arrange the fields, perhaps wrap them in a td or div.
    I came across acf/render_field but it doesn’t seem to work, so i guess this is only for the frontend.
    I can use acf/input/admin_head but then i have to inject some html via javascript.

    does ACF offer any solotution to this, any ideas how to do this?
    Or is acf/render_field only part of the paid version

  • Hi @cyberish

    Yes, you should be able to use the acf/render_field function. But as you noticed, this hook only available in the PRO version.

    But for the free version, you should be able to do it by using the acf/create_field hook.

    This page should give you more idea about it:

    I hope this helps 🙂

  • Thank you James

    I had read that page, but hadn’t noticed that remark

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