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Field Values Wont Save after wp + acf updates

  • Hey Eliot,

    After updating to the latest WordPress and ACF, field values are no longer saving…

  • Hi @ckiriaze

    I will need a bit more information that this to be of any help.


  • I can push my local repo up to pagodabox temporarily and give you access if you could take a look. Id rather not mess with the live site since i have yet to push up my local changes( wordpress update, acf update ). Whats the best email i can send you the login credentials?

  • Hi @ckiriaze

    I can’t help you with this until you fully explain the issue.

    Have you attempted to debug the problem yourself?

  • I had a wordpress install with the previous version of wordpress and the previous version of acf with the additions of some of the add-ons. The whole site was basically a flex-content based site, and all the fields were working properly up till the updates. Data in the fields are still saved, but when updating any of the fields or adding new fields and inputting data, it no longer saves that data.

    As for debugging, i attempted to turn off all plugins, and reactivate only acf related plugins and the problem still persists. Ive also switched themes to wp 2012/13 etc, to no avail.

  • Hi @ckiriaze

    I’m not sure why the data is not saving. It doesn’t make much sense to me.
    Do you have any caching on your server? Maybe wp engine?

  • Nope, no caching whatsoever.

  • Hi @ckiriaze

    Perhaps you could post a login accoutn with details instructions to replicate the issue here.

    You can mark the reply as private


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  • Hi @ckiriaze

    Thanks for the details.

    After a quick play, the issue is specific to the ‘Contact us’ page, but no other.

    Do you have any filters which are loading ACF values which could explain this overriding behavior?

    Can you turn on DEBUG MODE in your wp-config.php file and look for any errors during the save?

    I have a feeling that during the save_post action, WP is breaking due to another plugin / theme code…


  • Turned on errors and wp_config to true, as well as switched themes but nothing, no errors showing – you’re right though, it only seems to be affecting the contact page, pretty weird

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