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Field values goes also to WRONG category posts

  • Hi!

    I needed this plugin for post category “Koulutukset” …in sidebar widget it is also called ” Seuraavat koulutukset “. Fine. Just as it should be.

    But then I have another post category collected in separate page called ” Ajankohtaista ” and its listing looks great. There should NOT be any custom field values in this category.

    Problem is when you choose single category post from this “Ajankohtaista”, check this out ! It has all extra field values from “Koulutukset” category!!!!!??

    I have my options set up as I saw someone here solved the problem. It doesn’t help:

    Show this field group if – Post category – is equal to – Koulutukset

  • How does your back-end look like if you open posts with the category “Koulutukset” and “Ajankohtaista”. Do both post show the custom fields in the back end?

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  • Hi @Smleong

    I’m confused. Your screenshots show that the fields only appear for the ‘Koulutukset’ category and that’s also what you have selected for your location rules.

    I see no problem with this

  • I understand your point of view but there still IS a problem 🙂 Well I have to find another plugin to try. Thanks anyway.

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