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Field types and Javascript

  • I am using the Divi builder on a site. It is very simple to add ACF fields to any page built with Divi, using Divi’s dynamic content tool.

    But – I am puzzled as to how to add a custom Javascript to a particular page with ACF, as there is no ACF field type for code. If someone could point me in the right direction, I’d greatly appreciate it!

    The overall task at hand is to run some custom GSAP animation on a single page. This involves two small things: 1.) Wait until page resources are loaded and 2.)Run the actual GSAP code.

    Because the GSAP files are so small, I just enqueued them in the usual manner in the functions.php file, so they load into the header on every page.

    Sorry if this is really obvious, but I have looked around and I don’t see the answer. I have also contact Divi support to see what their experience might be, as they recommend ACF frequently.

    TIA for your suggestions!

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