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Field Types and Default Values

  • I’m creating two specific field types within a tab group. Email and Number to represent user email and a phone number. In trying to set a default email address, it keeps requiring a number input. And in setting a default value for the number field, each time I publish it, the default number is changed to: 2147483647. Am I missing some settings necessary to set default values for these fields?

  • Hi @rbtstudio

    Any chance you are using the same field name across multiple fields?

    Can you take a screenshot showing both fields (in edit field group screen) open?


  • It was a good question which caused me to do a double take, but alas, the field names are unique. The field titles are the same, but that shouldn’t matter right? Here’s the screen shot you requested.

  • Hi @rbtstudio

    Thank you for the screenshot. Yes, for some reason, the email field is using an incorrect field type for the default value option…

    I have just fixed this bug and pushed to github.

    Are you able to download and use the latest github version?

    Also, may I ask what version are you currently using? Stable / Nightly?


  • That new nightly push did in fact fix my email default value bug. Thank you so much for that! I was wondering if you had seen that the Number default value is still causing a problem. I would enter a desired value and once published, the value is changed to a different number. I’m attaching another screenshot for you to see.

    On a whim, I searched the number and not so surprisingly it came back with this:

  • Has anyone else run into this problem in a Number Field Type? The Default Value changing to 2147483647 after publishing?

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