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Field Type: image is gone

  • Hi there,

    Yesterday I was trying to add an image field when I noticed there isn’t one. In the docs it clearly shows there should be a Field Type: image.

    I’m using ACF Pro version 5.8.12 in a Roots/Sage project.

    The field types I can choose from are visible in this screenshot:

  • Try deactivating the plugin(s) that are creating all those other field types and see if that clears up your issue.

  • Thanks for the quick response!

    I tried deactivating the plugins but it did not make a difference.
    Yesterday it was working fine. Today I started working and noticed all image fields where undefined and the image field was gone completely.

    I also tried reinstalling ACF Pro already but that didn’t resolve my issue.

  • Look in your theme for a call to any acf function that may be called before “acf/init” happens. More than likely acf is being initialized prematurely.

    You need to get this narrowed down to just ACF and whatever was in your theme, so I would start by deactivating all other plugins except ACF.

    Try looking at any code changes you made before is stopped working.

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