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Field Type Doesn't Update

  • When I create a new Field and select a Field Type from the dropdown menu, the Field Type column does not update to reflect the selected field type until after saving changes. Previous versions updated the field type column on selection.

    When adding multiple fields, I find myself verifying field entries and that I selected an Image field and not a Text Field.

  • It seems to be working for me, though it can be little delayed dependent of how fast your server/connection is. The field updates after making the AJAX connection to get any additional field settings needed. If this is not the case for you then there is more than likely a JavaScript error on the page and you should look at console to see what the potential problem is.

  • Although there were JS errors in the console, the issue was actually a Chrome extension I use called ACF Tools, which to me is more useful than seeing the field type update in real-time.

    Thanks for your reply John.

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