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Field Sets as ACF Post Objects

  • Hey Elliot!

    I’m a huge fan and frequent user of Flexible Content Fields but there’s a feature that could make them even better.

    What if you could create a field set and import (or attach / select) that field site within a different field group.

    For example:

    I have a flexible content layout called “body copy”. I have another field set called “accordion”. I’d like to add the body copy field set within the accordion field set so when I update body copy, it updates with both places.

    The only existing feature that I can relate this to would be the ACF Post Object field. If field sets could be treated like post objects this may be possible.

    I often build highly flexible layouts for clients and the only part I dread is the process of recreating existing fields.

    PS: I vaguely remember reading something you’re working on that will allow users to drag / duplicate field sets into existing ones. That feature is a big plus too but attaching it like a post object would be a more dynamic approach. That’s the only difference.


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