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Field saving issue

  • Hi,

    We’ve been seeing a common issue where ACF fields have not been saving into the database correctly. Each site is on a different server with a slightly different setup.

    From the advice, the support team have provided we increase the variable limit to 10000 which is way higher than needed but the fields are still not saving in the database.

    First server:

    PHP: 7.4

    Post max size: 2GB
    Max upload size: 1GB
    Memory limit: 4GB

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • We’re seeing the same issue. Using ACF Pro version 5.9.7, wordpress 5.7.2 – but saw the problem before updating the acf plugin, when it was 5.9.5.

  • Was there anything that you tried that I may have not as I’ve tried:

    • Re adding fields with new names
    • Making fields only in the GUI over PHP
    • Increasing memory limts
    • Increasing veriable amounts for PHP

    I’ve had it on a previous website and it got fixed by increasing resources but on this website resources are not an issue.

  • There’s nothing I’ve tried that’s been terribly promising that you haven’t already done. I tried deactivating and re-activating the acf plugin (on my local site), but that didn’t do much…

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