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Field not appear on Edit Term Page

  • I’m using ACF pro, and I have enabled Field Group to show if Taxonomy Term is equal to MyCustomTaxonomyName and the fields show when I’m in the Add Term page, but they don’t show if I’m in the Edit Term page.

  • Hi @nudles

    I can’t seem to replicate this on my end.

    Can you confirm that you are running the latest version of ACF Pro 5.5.12?

  • Well no, my ACF Pro version is 5.2.6. Could this be the problem?

  • 5.2.6v is that the problem

  • Yep needed update of the version

  • Hello, this happens to me on 5.8.1, embedded in my theme.

    If I select any taxonomy via the dropdown (Taxonomy Term is equal to) the fields disappear. If I don’t select any Taxonomy Term the fields work fine.

  • Weird. Works now with 5.8.1, probably the previous version I had included (5.8.0) had some bugs?

    The only visible difference was the Taxonomy Term menu showed the terms’ slugs instead of the titles.

    All is well now!

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