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Field names appear weird

  • Hi all,

    I was using acf free version. I purchased the pro version, installed it, deactivated the free version, I pressed the button for the database update and I activated the pro version. All the fields that I had from the free version where there and were working well. But ALL the names of the fields appeared weird.

    For example a text field with label-name: “Name of client” and name of the field: “name”, the name field didn’t appear like “name”, like it should have, but it appeared like that:


    Even if I would create a new field the same thing would happen. The name field would appear as a code.

    What can have gone wrong? Should I have done something else during installation? Insert a code somewhere or something? Is it a bug?

    Thank you,

  • Hi @jimrapt

    We have not had similar reports of this, therefore this is less likely to be a bug.

    It seems something might be interfering with the database queries and thus the wrong results, you need to investigate whether this issue could be stemming from your theme by deactivating it and switching to one of the stock Wp themes.

    If this fails to solve the issue you might need to do a fresh install of WordPress.

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