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Field name best practices

  • I know that with repeater fields, they do not have to be unique from their ancestors, but the same is not true for flexible content fields (as far as I know) so i’ve been running into the issue if trying to find the best way to simply and accurately name my fields without having fields that look like this: event_section_photo_repeater (for example).

    I’m curious if anyone else has a best practice for field names. I think this becomes particularly burdonsome with sites with hundreds of fields, nested repeaters, and flexible content fields, so i’d be curious to hear if anyone has a decent system that they use.

  • Hi @crixlet

    I use the following practice for the saving of my fields.

    For the field labels I always use unique field names that are descriptive of the custom fields. As for the field names, since when saving sub fields, the ‘save name’ is generated by the ancestors names + the row index, I always try to keep them short and unique.

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