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Field metadata is assigned to revision, not published post

  • I’m using ACF PRO 5.2.7 and I’ve got problem that after first publish(not update) non of my ACF values are saved. After some debugging I’ve find out that ACF field values are set to post revision, not my just published post. After update exists post, new values for published post is created(attached two images, first with postmeta information after publish, second with information after update. Notice that post with ID 26510 is published post and 26511 is a revision).
    First img
    Second img

    Beside that, if I create page under some parent page with ACF field, I can see my values, but now two versions of ACF field are created. In this case post with ID 26514 is published post, and post with ID 26515 is a revision.
    Third img

    My functions.php is empty. I’ve tried this with default theme. No other plugins are installed. PHP version 5.5.3

    Let me know if you need some other information.

  • Hi @kestutis

    Seems like none of your images is working. Could you try pasting them in again 🙂

  • hi @jonathan

    Updated previews message with new links. I hope now works.

  • hey @jonathan any news on this issue?

  • Hi!

    Okay so first off. I don’t think it’s strange that values are created for the revision. I think that’s how it’s supposed to work since otherwise the revision wouldn’t help much with custom meta content.

    Are you 100% sure that the values are saved to the revision and not the actual post on first publish? I can’t see all the columns in your screenshots 🙂 Also have you tried fetching the values with get_field? I know these are kind of *duh* questions but I have to ask them 🙂

    The whole thing seems very strange, never experienced this before and I can’t really see why it would happen unless there’s some other code interfering. Do you have any ACF addons active?

  • hey,

    So finally i decided to spend some more time on this issue. What I find out, that ACF pro interferes with default wordpress functionally Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu

    it sees post id from this nav_menu_item post_type, not page I’m publishing. That’s why there was no issue on pages with parents and when I was trying to update content(only on publish).

    I hope it will help you to catch the bug and fix it. if you need any extra help from me, do no hesitate and ask:)


  • Hi @kestutis

    Hmm okay. So you mean that the meta is saved to the nav_menu_item post created by WordPress (when having the auto-setting active) instead of the actual page?

  • @jonathan

    yes, looks like. and only when page does not have parent page.

  • Okay, I will notify Elliot of this as a potential bug 🙂

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