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Field Layout changes when image uploaded

  • I’ve got some fields for inserting an image, name and a description for up to 6 people.

    The order of the fields are IMAGE1, IMAGE2, IMAGE3, NAME1, NAME2, NAME3, DECS1, DESC2, DESC3, IMAGE4, IMAGE5, IMAGE6, NAME4, NAME5, NAME6, DESC4, DESC5, DESC6 – every field is set to 33%

    Before I upload an image for IMAGE 1, the layout stays nice and tidy but when the image is uploaded, it moves multiple columns over next to the image and the layout is a mess.

    I believe to get around this, I should have the fields as sub-field with the parent field being set to 100% width.

    If that is correct, how can I make a field into a sub-field or will I have to re-create all my fields again?

  • Here’s another field form I’m having the same issue with… great layout until I enter the first image.

  • This should not be happening as you can see by my test. Are you using gutenbug? What version of ACF are you using?

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