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"Field Label" field missing on backend

  • The actual box where I would enter in a field label is missing for some reason. The existing fields were there before the problem occurred. Here’s a screenshot:


    When I inspect it, I see this in the CSS:

    .label:empty, .badge:empty {
    display: none;

    Unchecking the display:none fixes it temporarily, but it would be appreciated if this could permanently be fixed in the code, if possible.

    I think it’s a conflict with the bootstrap theme plugin, problem goes away when disabled…

  • Hi @verseone

    Thanks for the screenshot. I can see that you are using a custom style for your admin. From this, you are experiencing conflicts in CSS.

    I can’t help fix this from within ACF, but can advise you to modify your admin theme to not use the .label:empty rule


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