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Field key instead of name appearing in Gravity Forms

  • I have a few custom fields that correspond to a number of custom post types. In creating a form using Gravity Forms, I am trying to select the corresponding custom field for my gravity form field to map to.

    In the drop down of fields, instead of the readable “field names” it looks like a list of “field keys” are being displayed. Does anyone have any advice about how I might get it to list the fields by name instead?

    Example of what I am seeing:

  • Hi @tomleger

    These field keys should be ignored.

    I’ll take a look at why gravity forms is showing them and perhaps filter them out in the next version.


  • Thanks Elliot!

    It looks like once I add a post to the custom post type, the custom fields show just fine. Phew!

  • Hi @tomleger

    I have taken a look at the GF source code which populates this select list, and unfortunately there is no way for ACF to filter out it’s fields.

    Due to the change in data structure, this will not be an issue in ACF version 5.

    Until then, you will just have to ignore these values.


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