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Field instructions placement

  • Is it possible to change the placement of the field Instructions so that it renders below the input, rather than between the field’s label and input?

    I’m setting up a frontend form and have set widths of various fields so that multiple fields are on a single row. In cases where not all fields on a row have instructions, the input fields then don’t line up. So it’s primarily a visual issue, not a functionality issue.

    I tried but that doesn’t work on the frontend, at least not with the Advanced Forms Pro plugin.

    Looked at the Field Settings documentation but that doesn’t show any info about placement.

  • Instruction placement is a group setting, not an individual field setting and is a setting only available in ACF5 or greater.

  • <headsmack> Thanks John – I totally overlooked it in the Field Group Settings area as I was thinking it would be on a per-field basis. Much appreciated.

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