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Field groups vs blocks: rookie questions

  • So far, I’ve never so much as enabled Gutenberg; always back to Classic. Now I’m embarking on a new site build, however, I’m wondering.

    Ordinarily, I would think about constructing a post to a particular layout, or even allowing some author control, by creating a field group with certain fields, which the author populates, and then spitting that out in a template.

    I see ACF’s new Gutenberg block capabilities, which look great (and I see that they ostensibly are field groups). Should I think of them in a similar way?

    I guess a block can be positioned anywhere the user wants them to, whereas a field group added to a Classic post admin could force the user to enter only what is present in the field group.

    So that’s one aspect.

    The other is… given my uncertainty about these two methods, if I opted for one, would it be interchangeable to move to the other? Example: If I go the classic route of adding a field group to a Post admin but then decide it’s nicer to move to Gutenberg blocks, will switching the location be sufficient? Will the database line up? Or are we talking about a completely different storage method?

    Thanks. Need to learn.

  • It’s a completely different storage method and not easy to switch between the two.

    Blocks are stored in post_content.

    I can’t give much more because I do not use blocks and I likely never will.

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