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Field groups not rendering by order no.

  • Hey,
    I’m pulling this bug in from the old forum as we’re still having the issue, now with ACF 4.2.2 & WP 3.6. Once again, field groups do not seem to display according to the ‘Order No.’, and instead seem to be displaying by ‘most recent’ at top.

    Old forum reference:

  • Hi @touchdevs

    Thanks for the reminder on this one. Can you confirm that this issue appears on a brand new user?

    I have a feeling that the metaboxes will not render in the correct order if you have manually drag / drop – reordered the metaboxes in the post edit page


  • Hmm you’re right, on a vanilla install the ordering is working fine… I wonder what is in our dev process that kills it? I’m not too sure what you mean about manually reordering, as for me I can’t drag / drop ACF groups…

  • I am also seeing this issue… Custom fields are displaying on pages with the newest on top (I believe) rather than from lowest to highest “Order No.” defined on the field. Any advice as to where to look to remedy this?

  • To expand on this… what I just realized is that this happens when fields are in different groups for the same page. The ‘groups’ publish from newest to oldest, taking the fields within them along for the ride. Rather than displaying all those fields by their order no. Which I am realizing now is probably expected behavior. Can you confirm?

  • Hello guys.
    Have this issue too.
    Is it because of other plugins? I can list them here if you need.

    Thank you.

  • I’m also having this issue. Any progress on this?

  • Same problem here. Did anyone find a solution for this? Thanks

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