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Field groups missing

  • Hello

    Some field groups are missing after moving website.
    At first there were 8 of them-
    After moving only 2 remained-
    Whats weird is that they still excist in database and pre-entered texts appear on site, just the fields are missing from the panel.

    I tried to import missing fields from old site but it gave me an upload error. At the same time it works for fields that are new (new for database).

    Anyone have similar issues?

    ACF Pro version: 5.2.9
    Wordpress: 4.2.4

    Other plugins:
    Advanced Custom Fields: Gravity Forms Field
    Gravity Forms
    WPML Multilingual CMS
    WPML Translation Management
    TinyMCE Advanced

  • How did you move the site? How did you move the field groups?

  • With .sql file downloaded from phpMyAdmin.

  • This is odd, I’ve never had a problem moving a site if I use an export saved by phpMyAdmin. That’s how I usually move sites. If you can you should try the export/import process again. Make sure you export all of the DB tables. Also, make sure you add the “DROP TABLE IF EXISTS” statement when doing the export, these are the only things in an export that I know of that might cause a problem.

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