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Field groups missing in admin, still show on post edit

  • completely strange – sometime in the past 7-10 days, the field groups no longer show on the wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=acf page, but the field groups appear as normal (with all fields) on the edit post pages. Obviously, now we cannot modify any of the custom field definitions.

    We were on 4.18, downgraded to 4.16 and 4.00 and same behavior.

    Has anyone encountered this before?

  • Yes yes. Currently on and facing a similar challenge.

    I created 2 field groups. I can see both on the edit.php?post_type=acf page. When I click on either of the field groups (which contains multiple fields) to edit, I get only one of the fields that belong to either field group showing up. All other fields do not show. Weird.

  • Hi guys.

    It is most likely that you have registered the fields via PHP in your theme.

    This would obviously cause major conflicts when also using the fields in the DB

  • Elliot,

    You are of course correct, one of our devs added code to register the fields via PHP. Hence, the fields now do not show in the ACF admin.

    Thank you very much for your help, you guys have built a fabulous plug-in.

  • Thanks Elliot for pointing this out! I am working with a designer and needed to have him use my fields. I completely forgot that I had sent him a PHP export of my fields. He sent me his theme, which I installed forgetting that I still had the fields in my DB. (**scratching head**)

    I have now commented out the PHP definition of the fields in his theme. However, my fields still do not show. Is there an easy way to roll back the conflict? Or do I have to delete all the fields and start afresh? 🙂

  • And oh, I forgot to say, you have certainly built an amazing plugin! Thank you.

  • I decided to simply keep the php version of the fields and to reinstall the plugin. Back in business!

  • We have the same issue now, in version 5.3.1, in 2015. We did not register anything via the theme. We merely duplicated a section of field groups. What else can lead to this situation? It’s highly disconcerting that all field groups disappear, but the custom fields still show in the post screens. What else can we do? Thank you.

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