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Field Groups in Trash causing blank pages

  • When an old Field Group is in the trash, but not deleted, it precedes the new active field layout when they share the same variable names. Renaming the old Field Group first didn’t work.
    But instead of showing the old layout, I get a blank page on the website.
    The Field Groups were both set up the same way, and was active on the same template. The page didn’t render any content and neither was there any fields to edit in the backend.

    This is prone to happen when you import updated Field Groups over and over again, leaving the second newest.

  • Hi @fridata

    This should not be happening as there is code to check that the field group is published when a field is loaded…

    Do you have the field group registered via PHP? This can cause a conflict between the PHP and DB field group.

    If not, perhaps there is an error in the logic and I need to double check the code

  • Sorry for the slow response.
    No I am not registering field groups via php.
    The field groups are activated matching a selection of templates. The page is also a front page.
    I am also using a combination of Repeater Field and Flexible Content.

    The odd thing is that the frontend is showing a blank page, as if the logic goes:
    Use field group that match template -> field group is in trash – exit

    Or it matches the active field group and then finds one with same name in the trash.

  • Hi @fridata

    Are you able to turn on DEBUG MODE?

    This will show the PHP error causing your blank page

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