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Field groups disappeared from backend (still works)

  • I have a field group that is not displaying in the backend. The fields work as they should and are displayed on the pages they are intended to, but I can’t edit the fields since the group has disappeared. I don’t know when this happened or what could have caused it.

    Any ideas? The fields exists in the database, can I get them back into the backend view somehow?

  • What version of ACF are you useing?

    Where do they not show up? When editing a post or where the location rules say they should? Does the field group appear in the list of field groups?

  • I’m using 5.2.8. They do not appear in the ‘My fields’ page (wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=acf-field-group).

    When editing a post they show up as they should, and they contain the content they should. But I can’t edit the fields anywhere. It’s just one field group it seems, all other field groups appear as they should.

  • It’s odd that they appear on the post but you cannot edit them.

    Do you have the acf-json folder set up in your theme? If you do then this is probably why they appear when editing a post and my only guess is that the field group got deleted somehow. You should be able to import the group from its json file to get it back again. Back up your DB first, just in case.

  • Argh. I must have accidentally renamed the field group (I have quite a lot). The associated json_file still had the old title, but in my back end view it had another.

    I found out when I tried importing the json and it complained that I already had that field group.

    Sorry for taking your time with this, and thanks for your help.

  • Not a problem, glad I could help you discover the what was causing it.

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