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Field group saves as "post"

  • Upon saving a new ACF field group, a new posts page is created with the title and data of the field group as shown in the image below. This seems to happen specifically when I link the field to a specific page or page template.
    I see this upon saving the field group

    Any ideas of what might cause this issue?

  • Hi @tim-bh

    This issue is likely as a result of a conflict with another CPT plugin.

    Please investigate whether the issue can be reproduced with only ACF activated while running one of the stock WP themes.

    This will help in isolating the troublesome plugin.

  • Hi James,

    Thanks for your answer. We’re making some changes on a site we didn’t develop ourselves and there is a myriad of unknown plugins amongst which some other CPT plugins like CPT Tools.

    I managed to solve my problem that I wanted to use ACF for by coding a custom wordpress metabox myself in the end.

  • Hi @tim-bh,

    I am you were able to fix the problem.

    Feel free to reach out to me in case something else comes up 🙂

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