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Field Group Presentation settings not working

  • Hello, is there an issue with the following field group presentation settings?

    I don’t see a difference between using the Standard or Seamless setting.

    Regardless which setting I use, the group is always positioned below the content.

    Hide on screen
    I have selected several items on the screen that don’t need to be displayed, but they still are.

    Here are screenshots of my settings and the result. You see that the group is shown below the content, while it’s set to display after the title. You also see that I hide excerpt, format, author, tags, featured image, but the they are still shown.

    I checked the Chrome developer console and it shows one, I think unrelated, error for the field label:

    The label’s for attribute doesn’t match any element id. This might prevent the browser from correctly autofilling the form and accessibility tools from working correctly.
    To fix this issue, make sure the label’s for attribute references the correct id of a form field.

    <label for="acf-field_647c70126cffd">Menugang</label>


  • I have the same problem with a field group for image attachment, whatever the options i choose – place fields on the sidebar or on top of the admin page – it always end up at the bottom of the page.

  • This is because you are using the WP block editor, aka guberbug gutenberg. These are known issues. Sorry I don’t have any links at the moment.

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