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Field group ordering issue with Gutenberg

  • I’ve been using the ACF plugin for a few years now and until recently, when editing in the backend of WordPress, have always been able to order field groups on pages and other custom post types by simply dragging and dropping the groups into the desired order. However since the addition of Gutenberg as a core component, this no longer seems to work. The order is not remembered and constantly reverts to a default structure (which neither seems to be alphabetical nor based on creation date). This method still works for reordering groups on custom posts that don’t utilise Gutenberg, but is causing issues for clients who are trying to edit pages. They rely on the order of the field groups reflecting the front end page layout and so are finding it really confusing.

    I’ve been searching high and low on the internet for the best part of a day now and cannot find any information about this at all. Is it just me or are others having this issue too?

  • I don’t really know the answer to this because I don’t use guberbug, but have you tried altering the “Order” setting for the field groups?

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