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Field group not updating, displaying old values

  • I have a custom field group that I have previously overwritten when transfering a local environment to a staging server, however the old values for this group still apply. When I edit a page or post that uses the group I see the old values. But when I edit the group under the ACF tab I see the new values. Trying and changing any settings for the group has no effect. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Could there still be some sort of duplicate reference left in the db? Note that the site is a WP multisite.

  • I’m a little confused about what you are seeing.

    When you edit the post or page and save it do you see your saved values or the old values?

    What values are you seeing that are old values?

    Changing anything about an ACF group does not effect any posts or pages that were saved before, it will only affect new posts and pages or when you edit the old ones.

    Some screen shots of some specific fields might help me understand what you’re seeing and how to fix i..

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