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Field Group Not Being Saved/Updated "Submit for Review"

  • When I’m making a new Custom Field Group my only option is to “Submit For Review”, I’ve been working with this for a week or two now and I’m not sure what I did to make it do this. No updates recently so I’m worried I broke something somewhere.

    As far as the plugin goes I haven’t touched any code programmatically so I have nothing to show.

    Can’t update or save and new/existing field groups before this issue occurred.
    I’m working locally with MAMP. Even reinstalling the plugin OR new WordPress DB doesn’t fix the problem. :C

    Any insight to my issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.


  • hi

    it seems the problem is related wp permission can u try by creating a new admin user and and then try to submit the contents
    Also did you added any new function in function.php to save contents in draft mode,or are u using seprate wp template to save/edit custom post type

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