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Field Group Location Rules, for fields specifically

  • I ran in to a scenario today where utilizing the built in rules:

    Would have been very helpful for a field within a flexible content field. I need to make a field condition specific to a field tied to a taxonomy.

    Couldn’t find anything online that found a work around for it as it stands now so figured I would post as a feature request if possible.


  • Hi,

    I’m having the same question. Is it possible to apply the Location Rules from a Field Group to Fields as well?

    The Conditional Logic of Fields only allows to show / hide a Field based on the value of another Field. But for example i would like to be able to hide a single Field based on the User Role.

    If possible i would like to add these Rules via the GUI and not have to create a filter (acf/load_field/name=…) for each field.

    Kind regards,

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