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Field group Location rule issue

  • Hello,

    I searched for this issue here and google so apologies if it has been posted before.

    We have set up a Field group and use a location rule to display it if the Page template is equal to Infopage.

    For some reason (possibly related to updating wordpress) it has reverted to the Default template.

    We switched it back and can see all the content on the back end but it only displays a blank white page when viewing the page.

    We can see no errors in our log and no warnings either.

    Any idea what might be wrong? I would be grateful if you could point us in the correct direction

  • Hi,

    So you’ve changed the location rule back and in the backend the information is all there?

    Have you tried just updating the page? Also make sure that the pages page-template is correct.

  • Hi Jonathan,

    We changed the location rule back, updated the page and could see everything normally on the backend but when viewing the page we can only see a blank white page

    I also tried changing the page templates back and forth and updating but no change.

    The page template hasn’t been altered at all.

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    Okay well you’re obviously getting a fatal error as you only see a blank page, the question is what exactly is wrong.

    Could you please activate wp_debug which’ll print out the errors on your blank page and post them here 🙂

  • Hi Jonathan,

    I’ve activated wordpress debug and will report back with errors

    Many thanks

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