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Field group limitation to 57 fields?

  • Hello,

    I was trying to create a field group consisting of 109 fields from an automatically prepared XML import. This was generated from another XML from which a program took the fieldnames and values and converted them into a WP-readable format for the import menu

    Originally I wanted to use the PHP import functions which were so much easier for this, but to my great disappointment, they serve only for saving hidden custom fields, which don’t appear in the admin panel.

    Anyway, after importing the WordPress XML file, the field group normally appears just as expected. However, after the first edit of this field group, the number of fields is reduced to 57, everything else truncated.

    My question is: why? A limitation of the free version? A bug? Or is my XML import file broken somehow?

    Thanks for your help in advance

  • The limitation to any number of fields is caused by a PHP setting. The php setting is max_input_vars. This limits the number of fields that can be submitted in a form. You will need to increase this value.

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