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Field Group Description

  • It’d be great (IMO) to have a spot for a Field Group Description so I can annotate what the group is for and where the fields will show up. That way when I wind up making changes to something a year down the line, I know what I was doing!

  • Hi @robmaurizi

    Thanks for proposing this feature. I think it is an awesome idea.

    I will pitch it to the developer and see what he thinks.

  • This seems to have been added, and now appears in the “Description
    Shown in field group list”.

    What I’m looking for is a way to have a “Description” for the group that shows up among the actual fields on the post edit screen. It would be nice to contextualize for users what to expect from the overall box, separate from the descriptions of the individual fields.

  • I usually use the “message” field as way to add instructions and other info as needed within the editor itself.

  • Hi Rob, thanks for the reply.

    Ahhhh! I wasn’t sure what you meant, but now I see there are several “Layout” type fields that offer what I’m looking for!

    Thanks so much, I feel a bit silly, but hopefully my post(s) (there’s another one about this) will help someone in the future to find this feature.

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