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Field group "description" visible to field users

  • Alright, so what i’m looking for is basically equivalent to the “description” field that exists for sidebars in WP core (Screenshot attached), but for a field group from ACF.

    I know there’s already a “Description” setting for field groups (also attached), but like it says on the setting, it ONLY shows in the “Field group list” (ACF admin page).

    What I’m looking for is a way to have text show at the start of a field group, before the fields, when someone is using the fields, i.e. on the post or term editing screen. (image of what I mean, on the term edit screen, attached).

    If there’s already a way to do this, please let me know! I’m happy to use PHP to add this if there is a system that will allow it.

    Otherwise please consider adding this feature. It will allow field creators to embed contextual instructions more dynamically for complex field groups who’s outputs aren’t obvious.

  • Alright, RESOLVED.

    I wasn’t aware of the “Layout” type fields that could be added to a field group, and which address what I’m asking for by letting me mix for example the “Message” field type into my forms.

    By using those fields, I’m able to add a “description” at the top of my field group to explain things to users.

    Hopefully this embarrassing post will help someone else in the future who’s googling for a way to add a “description” to a group.

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