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Field Doesn't Show After Upgrade to PRO

  • Client is running an old version of ACF (v3.5.1) which included the repeater field as standard. With this version of the plugin installed and activated, everything is fine.

    If I upgrade to the latest version of ACF (v4.4.1) the repeater field functionality has been removed and is only accessible in PRO.

    I purchased the PRO version, installed it and ran through the upgrade process, which completed successfully. The custom field appears in the ACF editor as expected but the DB upgrade seems to have failed as I browse to the page which should have a repeater field and it doesn’t appear at all (other ACF fields do though).

    If I modify the rule to load the repeater on another page (that previously had no ACF metadata) it loads the field meta box but its obviously empty.

    How can I upgrade to the latest version of PRO whilst maintaining the existing repeater data (about +50 client logos)?

  • Did you ever find a solution to this problem?

  • I did but I can’t for the life of me remember how it was solved. From memory I *think* it was tied-in with an upgrade of WPML which they were using to translate.

    In the end, just upgraded everything, updated the DB, fixed known errors in the theme and worked through a guide on WPML.

    Have you checked your error logs for anything obvious?

  • Actually I’m fine. I’ve been working back through questions here on the forums trying to clean clear up all the unanswered topics. Glad you got you’re problem solved and hopefully the next time you need help you’ll actually get some 🙂

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