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Field data from openid

  • I am not a coder, but on a crash course.

    On our site we have our members join using openid from another gaming site, with this we are collecting additional data and wanting that to be saved in other fields created using ACF.

    As an example below is what is used to populate the nickname.
    ‘nickname’ => $data[‘data’][$account_id][“nickname”],

    We have created a field called ‘wg-id’, how would we go about populating that field with the nickname using the above as an example.


  • Hi @pmflav

    You have to use update_field(...) method to populate the ACF fields.

    Hmm…. May be you could try this:

    $nickname = $data[‘data’][$account_id][“nickname”];
    $field_key = '<field_key>';
    $post_id = <post_id>;
    update_field($field_key, $nickname, $post_id);

    Remember to replace the $field_key and $post_id with the actual field_key and post_id respectively.

    Check out the documentation of update_field(…) for more information:

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