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Field content disappeared from frontend, but shows in admin

  • I recently updated the plugin, now my fields have disappeared from the page. The fields are populated in the admin panel, but they aren’t showing on the frontend of the site. I haven’t changed the code at all. Do you know what’s causing this and how to fix it.

    Also, I recently had this issue with another site. All of the fields were complete on the backend but they wouldn’t show on the front (although they were visible before). Weird enough, they popped back up an hour or so later. The fields on my site however have not. I’m also not getting any errors in my console.

  • I’m not having any problem with fields not working on the front end of any sites.

    Have you tried disabling other plugins and switching themes?

    What type of field is it? Is it a specific field or all fields?

  • I can’t explain why it happened but it did. I’ve also had issues with it on 2 of my other sites. I was able to correct the issue by trashing the field group, restoring it and updating the posts.

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