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Field 41 Bug

  • Hi, I am making a website and believe I have encountered a rather strange bug.
    I am new to ACF and am trying the free version for now before committing to developing with the paid version. The problem I have is that I do not have the repeater field and so have to do it manually.
    I have set up a page for “Our Team” and so have had to set up a large number of groups for each team member each including name, position etc. 50 to be exact. I then wrote code to loop through each field and display the necessary information, and this worked fine in small scale. However, once I increased the field number to 50 members a bug occurred where member 41 does not display. I have tried moving it to different positions, remaking the field, and much more, the problems seems to be with the number 41 itself.

    Here is the code I used to loop through:

    <?php $team = get_field("team");?>
    <div class="team-strip">
    <!--loop through field only displaying members(arrays) and those with a name specified-->
    <?php foreach ($team as $member):?>
     <?php if (is_array($member)):?>
    <?php if ($member["name"] != ""):?>
    <!--add class depending on category-->
    <?php switch ($member["category"]):?>
    <?php case "Administration":?>
    <div class="team-member administration">
        <?php break;
        case "Boitumelo":?>
    <div class="team-member boitumelo">
        <?php break;
        case "Computer Center":?>
    <div class="team-member computerCenter">
        <?php break;
        case "Youth Center":?>
    <div class="team-member youthCenter">
        <?php break;
        case "Counselling Center":?>
    <div class="team-member counsellingCenter">
        <?php break;
        case "Performing Arts Department":?>
    <div class="team-member performingArtsDepartment">
        <?php break;
        case "Urban Agriculture Initiative":?>
    <div class="team-member urbanAgriculture">
        <?php break;
        <div class="team-member">
    <?php endswitch;?>
    <!-- Display Member -->
        <div class="wrap">
            <div class="member-photo">
                <img src="<?php echo $member['photo'];?>">
            <div class="member-description">
                <p><strong><?php echo $member["name"];?></strong></p>
                <p>-<?php echo $member["position"];?></p>
    <?php endif;?>
    <?php endif;?>
    <?php endforeach;?>

    The problem is that it is returning member 41 as a string instead of an array, even though it is a group with sub-fields and is identical to all other members.
    Any idea how to fix this? Thank you for your help.

  • When having problems with large numbers of fields you are usually running into an issue with the PHP max_input_vars setting. More information here

  • Hi John,
    Thank you for your reply, I have tried what is suggested on the link you sent however it doesn’t seem to have fixed the problem. Also fields after the field in question still load perfectly so I do not think it is a max var issue. I even added completely new field groups on that page which all worked without hassle.

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