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Few questions

  • Hello,

    im interested in buying few premium ACF plugins. Would like to ask couple questions answers on which i didnt find on your site

    1. I’ve read that license is multisite. Do i understand it right that im allowed to install those plugins on client sites and/or distribute it with commercial themes? Are there any limitations on this?

    2. Does license covers future upgrades of those plugins or at some point i might need new one?

    3. Do they work along with headless ACF? Is it possible to integrate it there or it works only as plugin?

    4. Did i get it right that Flexible Content plugin covers all functionily of Repeater field? Other words: is there any situation when one would need Repeater if he already has Flexible Content?

    5. Is there some template or some other way to add custom text/html to options page? (like readme or some kind of instructions/examples)?

  • Hi @evzin

    1. Yes, the multi-site license allows you to use the add-ons in all web projects you work on. You can also incude the add-ons within premium themes, however, this may change in the future with an introduction of a developer license.

    2. Yes, all add-ons will recieve updates

    3. ACF is required for the add-ons to function. Think of it as a limb needs a body to work.

    4. Yes and No. The flexible content field can replicate all of the repeater field functionality except it’s user experience. A client will be much happier using the repeater field to upload images / files at it supports multiple file uploads / quicker to add rows. Also, the code is simpler in the templating.

    5. You may us the message field to add HTML to the options page!

  • I intent to use Advanced Custom Fields Plugin together with Repeater Field Add-On in a Premium WP Theme and i have a few problems:

    From what i read on this site, i understand that the updates should be disabled after integration in the theme. Here comes my problem.
    If the plugins are integrated in the theme they do not appear anymore in the “plugins” page from WP Dashboard, thus meaning my clients will not have access to updates. In this case do i still have to remove some codes? If i do, what do i have to remove and how?

  • Hi @Evzin

    The repeater field and flexible content field are yet to receive updates which include a removable update script. Until then, you will not be able to distribute your theme.


  • Your license states the following:

    “This premium Add-ons has a multi-site license!

    You may use this add-on in multiple any website projects

    You may include this add-on in a premium (not free) WP theme or Plugin”

    You are telling me now that i cannot use this ADD-ON in a Premium (not free) WP Theme. How much do i have to wait until i can use it?

  • Terms and Conditions

    “Using ACF in a theme

    Including the (free) Advanced Custom Fields plugin inside a free / premium theme is allowed.
    You can include your (premium) purchased add-ons within a premium theme as long as it is made clear in the copyright / information that the add-ons are NOT to be used or distributed outside of the premium theme.
    You can not include (premium) purchased add-ons within a free theme.”

  • Hi @Dilldoy

    The repeater field should have an updtae sometime int the next few weeks containing the new update file which can be removed from the plugin.

    With the update script removed, you can including the add-on within your premium theme / plugin


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  • Hi @kevwaddell

    Sorry mate, paypal is the only payment method available at the moment.
    Perhaps the issue is that the credit card address does not match the address data entered in the checkout of the ACF site?

    I would advise to setup a paypal account, it’s used all around the web and makes life very easy to do online transactions


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