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Featured Image from Gallery via ACF Form

  • Hi,

    I am trying to grab the first image from an acf image gallery field on a front end ACF Form and use that as the posts’ Featured Image.

    I am using the ‘image array’ return format for the gallery and it is also located within a ‘group’ field.

    If anyone can shed some light on my issue it would be most appreciated.

    Here is my code in functions.php:

    // Create a featured image from the first image in the gallery.
    add_filter('acf/save_post', 'gallery_to_thumbnail');
    function gallery_to_thumbnail($post_id) {
    	if ( have_rows( 'listing_media' ) ) :
    		while ( have_rows( 'listing_media' ) ) :
    			$listing_image_gallery = get_sub_field( 'listing_image_gallery' );
    			if ( $listing_image_gallery) :
    				$gallery  = get_sub_field( 'listing_image_gallery', false, false );
    				$image_id = $gallery[0];
    				set_post_thumbnail($post_id, $image_id);				
  • I’m assuming from looking at your code that “listing_media” is the repeater.

    if this is inside a group field then you also need to loop over the group field.

    You also need to supply the post ID inside of the function for the first field.

    if (have_rows('group_field_name', $post_id)) {
      while (have_rows('group_field_name', $post_id)) {
        if (have_rows('listing_media')) {
          while (have_rows('listing_media')) {
            $gallery  = get_sub_field('listing_image_gallery', false, false);
            // etc
  • Actually, the ‘listing_media’ is the group field. What resolved my issue was adding $post_id to the the end of ‘listing_media’.

    if (have_rows('listing_media', $post_id)) {
          while (have_rows('listing_media', $postId)) {

    Thank you

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