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Feature Suggestions

  • I submitted this as a support ticket, but I wanted to also post it here for discussion.

    * Feature 1
    ACF Form Engine – This is a stand-alone plugin without all of the design interface stuff, it’s simply a form engine for displaying ACF forms. You create the forms with ACF Pro, export a JSON and then use ACF Form Engine to add the Fields/Forms to a web site.

    * Feature 2 (related to Feature 1)
    acf_render_form( $json, options… ) function to render a form from a JSON file. I need the ability to conditionally render forms in various places and using the shortcode is a major PITA.

    * Feature 3
    Embed a form within a form. I have a site where I need to embed a form into several existing forms. Right now when I make a change to the specific group, I have to change it in 6 places. The form uses conditionals so is dependent on the form where it exists now, so I can’t create it as a separate field group because ACF doesn’t allow you to create conditionals across different forms.

    One alternative is to support conditions across forms. The other alternative (probably the easiest) is to allow exporting of a GROUP from within a form and importing that group into a form. That would allow me to build libraries of groups I can use inside different forms.

    * Feature 4
    acf_register_form( $page_id ) – register a page ID where a form (or forms) will be used and ACF loads the necessary JS/hoooks/etc for it to work. Just makes using the shortcode easier.

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